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  Bullseye Entertainment is a mobile party experience. We provide outdoor/indoor  mobile laser tag and karaoke.  Our staff comes to your location, sets up all equipment, runs the event, and breaks down. We do all the work while you enjoy. Whether you choose Laser Tag, Karaoke, or both; your guest, regardless of age, are sure to have a great time. Our aim is to bring you and your guests the best experience possible in a fun and encouraging  environment. 

 With our  laser taggers, we are able to set up indoor, outdoor, in daylight, at night, and in light rain. Bullseye Entertainment staff will assess your location to decide on the best set up of our Airup bunkers in order to bring the best playing field experience. We provide mission based games in order to build camaraderie, team spirit, self esteem, and a general sense of accomplishment. Players will attempt to reach objectives while also tagging other players.


   Karaoke is a great way to bring a party to life. It is a fun and interactive way to create memories. We, at Bullseye Entertainment, feel everyone should be able to let their inner Rockstar or Diva shine every now and then. With our quality sound system, cordless microphones, and catalog of thousands of songs; everyone is sure to have a great time.

   Our mission is to create a safe, fun, and exciting experience through exceptional service and a desire to bring joy to others while also committing to contribute to the betterment of the community.