Great for: Sororities/Fraternities

   Youth Groups

   Sports Teams

Block Party

                Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

                 ​Friends Getting                Together

​Package Includes:


​Airup Barricades

Respawn Boxes

Various Types of Rounds

   Call For

 Event Pricing

​gold star

2 Hour Playtime​

16 Taggers

50 Cal Machine Gun

Up to 19 Airup Barricades

1 TShirt

2 Respawn Boxes

for game play

1 Basic Training Round

​1 Team Elimination Round

Up to 8 Mission Based Rounds

(depending on Game Time)

Team Dog Tags

(for 16 players)

Team Bags

(goodies for 16 players)

​Invitations for You to Send

*add'l dog tags and treat bags available 

for an add'l fee

 Party ​packages

2 Hour Playtime

10  Taggers

1 Tshirt

1 Basic Training Round

4-6 Team Elimination Rounds

   call us at


Great for: Town Fairs

               Vacation Bible School

               College Fairs

               Graduation Party

               Family Days

               Back to School Night

​               Fall Festivals

               Field Day

​Package Includes:

22  Taggers

50 Cal Machine Gun Tagger

​Up to 19 Airup Barricades

Respawn Boxes

Various Types of Rounds


We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.

$50 Deposit required at the time of booking. Deposit goes toward party price.

​​Celebrate your next special event with Bullseye Entertainment. We will bring you the most fun and unique experience that is sweeping the nation. This isn't laser tag of the past. Our Adventure Sports HQ Raptors are state of the art, infrared taggers that can be used indoor and outdoor. The Raptors are light weight and easy to use. Fun for both males and females of all ages!

 At Bullseye Entertainment, we want everyone to have a great time. We don't believe in "every man for himself". That is why we run missions. Each person is assigned a team with an objective to complete. Team members are tasked to work together to reach their objective, while attempting to not get tagged out by the other team. These missions build cognitive thinking, moral, self esteem,and skill building techniques. Players will be challenged. Adrenaline will be pumping and your brain will be working overtime; all while having fun! 

It's time to turn off the video games. Get off the couch and GET INTO THE GAME!


2 Hour Playtime

12  Taggers

Up to 12 Airup Barricades

1 TShirt

2 Respawn Boxes

​for game play

1 Basic Training Round

1 Team Elimination Round

​Up to 6 Mission Based Rounds

(depending on Game Time)

​​bronze star

**​All of our laser tag birthday parties incl​​ude special settings for the birthday person/VIP. Our staff will be responsible for gearing up all of your guests, orientating all of your guests, and facilitating our mission based playing style. First 50 miles of travel is included in party price.

​silver star

Laser Tag Jackson MS